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juri0juli, May 31st, 2013, 1:28 pm ( Reply )

Hey Guys! - So…it's been a while. A really really long while. And for many many months now, I've been feeling like a complete jackass for ditching this incredibly supportive community and those of you who took the time to comment and communicate with me through every page. I truly loved that, and I am incredibly sorry for letting you all down. I was listening to an art and freelancing podcast regarding comic work and the internet, and how important it is to stay true to your community and not drop what you are doing, especially if you love it, which I I really really do. I've just been a bit stupid this past year, and my priorities have been all over the place. So I figure I at least owe you an explanation. And if you're not interested that's fine, but Bullet will be back and running on a bi monthy basis starting July 1. I'm almost finished Chapter 3, so there are plenty of updates in stock! And I promise to have a regular schedule for you this time round. : )

So I'm going to try and keep this fairly brief..a year in a nutshell. Last I checked in with you, I had gone to study kung fu in a tiny village near a town called Xinyi, China. And honestly, it has probably been the most incredible experience in my life. Everything about it, the good the bad and the ugly was perfect, and to this day I love retelling stories. In fact, I met a very special person there near the end of my trip. But that's for later.

From September when I got back to Canada, a deep wave of depression hit me, because as certain as I thought I was of studying animation in France, I realized I still know and have seen so little of this world. And every experience I have helps me write, create better stories and artwork..and it is what I want to do after all. I decided to ignore my gut feeling for the time being and spent 8 months basically working overtime in a warehouse to pay for a 3 month trip to europe to take entrance exams to Gobelins and Georges Méliès, taking french courses to pass the language requirements, and of course..majority of my time was dedicated to portfolio, which you can check out HERE. I developed some messed up attitude about manga, and completely threw it away from my life because I thought it would distract me and damage my chances of getting into school. But hell, how I wanted to get back to working on the story. I avoided it diligently, and even did a few side projects….all in the realm of comics. And then it started dawning on me that perhaps, just perhaps, animation isn't really for me, even if I have been thinking about it for the last who knows how many years of my life. What I love are stories, graphic novels, comics, detailed illustrations, being self employed…so…a somewhat different field. I went to France, diligently took the art exams (Gobelins prides themselves on having the most difficult entry exam in the world. They weren't joking.) and yet again fell in love with another country. I've spent the last 3 months travelling, and I don't mean stereotype tourist backpacker thing..like living with local families and learning to take care of vineyards, and spending evenings with local families, or sharing a glass of wine and a good talk with some fitter profs of mine…it's been amazing. I definitely found the place I want to go to school. But just not yet.

I really do need to see and do more. And a lot of people I know don't agree with that. Many have given up on me, including my own family. It's been a complete rollercoaster of emotions. But in the end, for better or for worse, I am following my heart, and not logic. School will be there. Being in your 20s goes away and gets replaced by responsibility. So I've settled to moving to Australia for a year, to join that special someone I met in China, and some of my other friends, and just take it from there. We all have ambitions to travel more, to experience more and "enlighten" ourselves, so I think it will be a good fit for me. Until I settle in, I can't promise more than bimonthly updates, but when I figure things out, I will keep you posted.

If you read this far, thanks, it really means a lot to me! And I hope you will enjoy what I have in store for you!


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Hi, just wanted to say that I've read through your text, I'm glad that you're back, I've missed reading your comic, been wondering how you're doing, seen your comic strips about china and stuff, very funny reading them.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you that you're doing the right thing about following your hearth, I do feel sort of the same way not knowing what to do with life, that was until I decided one thing.. I don't care if I end up working in a super market, the important thing is to be happy.
Do what makes you happy and don't care what others say, I'm sure you'll be just fine in the end :')
If you ever need to, you could always write to me, I might not always understand everything but I do know it usually feels better to talk about it, and to talk with come one that isn't in your everyday life makes you able to talk a bit more freely not worry about if he/she tells others, cuz the person doesn't know the others :')

anyway.. I'm looking forward to read your comic again, is it just me or... do they have a bit how to say..harder face shape?

posted by Manga-Ka on May 31st, 2013, 2:55 pm

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I'm glad you're back :)

posted by Kiiroi on May 31st, 2013, 5:21 pm

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I'm glad you're back. You keep doing what you want to do and follow your heart. We can wait. I look forward to what you have in store for us. <3

posted by Blaze Gotavalio on May 31st, 2013, 10:17 pm

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I've been following you on DA so I saw some of your art. But anyway cant wait to see your updates. Kinda busy so I didn't read your letter to us lol but I wanna say welcome back already : >

posted by kuroi_hitsuji on June 1st, 2013, 9:10 am

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OMG!! Welcome back!! I'm so happy you're back and I kept wondering if you were ever coming back ( 0 u 0) I even re-read the manga just so I can have it fresh in my mind.

posted by kumikoangeloflight on June 1st, 2013, 7:41 pm

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Btw I really like your art illustrations~ ^^ And goodness, it's a tough thing when a person's family doesn't agree with what they want to do, but sometimes you have to steer from them in order to be happy. It's not ignoring them, but going to live your life, not the life they want you to live.

Intuition is a strange thing to us, the people who want to be logical, but I feel it will never really lead you astray and I feel that if you feel you are doing the right thing keep it up! I applaud you on your travels and experiences~

posted by kumikoangeloflight on June 1st, 2013, 10:52 pm

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Nice to see you back.

And yeah.. seems like you've been through a whole lot. I kinda share the feelings, but let us not digress.

Good luck with life. And am looking forward for page updates too. ^^

posted by FireBorg on June 1st, 2013, 11:25 pm

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