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juri0juli, December 28th, 2011, 8:37 am ( Reply )

- Hello,
Yey I've been getting more comments lately! Super happy to see that. I enjoy talknig to my readers. I hope everyone had some great holidays. Ironically after I updated the previous page I got a call to do overitme at work (it pays well and is really easy) hence I didn't put up the other update since it was still unrendered. But here it is! And yes, I will have one for this week as well to fix the schedule. I'm half done rendering it. So no excuses.

A few days ago I was walknig to work pretty early and passing by a dingy metal work shop where there was a little boy running around. I've stopped admiring all these things as they have now become normal to me (how quickly we adapt..) But anywho, as I'm walking by in my trance, the little boy pulls down his pants and starts to whizz away. A 5 year old thingy is the last thing i want to see at 8 am to start with but it does happen often enough so I just casually look away. BUT. This little monster deliberately aims at my feet as I walk by. I had to jump into traffic pretty much to avoid him. And hen he started giggling to himself. I get tortured by kids enough as it is but this was just...messed up. A 5 year old tried to piss on me. Literally.

And now on to comments:

@Kuroi Hitsuji: Guess what? I'm 95% likely to go on a trip to Philippines during the spring festival here as I get a whole week of holidays which is AWESOME. I'm going to spend a day or two in Manila but ultimately want to go to some coastal remote place and lay on the beach in peace for a few days and not spend a lot of money. Any recommendations? And I hope this page explains a bit more as to why she worries. I missed a script line on the last page actually but it is now fixed. Stuff should make more sense now.

@Sweeden is like the god of insurance, you guys kick everyone else's butt. But your taxes are also pretty damn high. Socialism and all. I think I'm adopting the US version of healthcare (I can gently bash US as a Canadian ya know so no hard feelings please)where healthcare is privatized.

@Fire Borg - In terms of what country Bullet would be set in, I never gave that much thought as when I started the comic my obvious manga only obsession would set it where else, Tokyo. But I don't think it's quite a fitting city for the story now that I'm growing up and slightly editing the script and writing future volumes. The fact that a station was called Shibuya was actually a complete accident. When I "invented" the station name I had never done much research into Japanese geography. It's almost creepy how Shibuya was the word I came up with. But with regards to healthcare, I'm just basing it on a privatized system where you are covered depending on your job benefits. Dishwashing isn't quite up there for coverage.

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*A* I really hope everything turns out well.

posted by *Suki* on December 28th, 2011, 8:56 am

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well, maybe they're but I like it here, like.. after me family got back, mom haven't been to work, couldn't get money then we got 'socialen' who gives you money for free so you can survive ^^
families that got it really bad.. they even send people to clean the house for you, cook food and help you with the kids x'P

posted by Manga-Ka on December 28th, 2011, 11:03 am

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I sure didn't know of things this messed up. World is really such a little box of surprises.

And although I don't live in US anymore, yes I'm from there, I still had no idea of this. >.<

That might be probably because I'm spoiled and don't have to worry with such things.

I wonder what'll Nikita do to pay this, assuming she doesn't have enough from her work. Matsu will probably try to help but then again I think I know how it'll follow.

Ah and about the kid you mentioned, I'd probably tweak his ear for him to learn his lesson. Pissing on someone? That's just. . . gross! DX

posted by FireBorg on December 28th, 2011, 7:37 pm

HAHAHA 5 year old XD ( Reply )

I see kids showering nekkid by the street all the time. never saw one try to piss at me though XD

also for cheap places...costal and remote?
I don't know about cheap so well...but if you're in manila, I suppose the closest place would be Cavite.

I live in Metro Manila and also have a house in Cavite, it's a two-hour travel by car. Well...I think it's shorter now, with a bridge up and whatever. XD; But I don't know about cost. o_o;; ((I swear I need to be more money conscious. Everything comes too easy...;; I'm gonna die in the real world.))

But anyway in Cavite, there's Puerto Asul. There's a beach there, but it can get kinda littered...haven't been there in ages so idk if it is now, but it's VERY remote. The most amount of people I ever saw there otherwise was like... 10. And that was about New Years, when people vacation there. XD
We own a house there, in Ocean Villa, not by the clubhouse...so I don't know about it being cheap, or if it's even rentable perse. >_o;

But then there's Caylabne, which is a legit tourist beach place thing. The...uh... "lodging"? I dunno. It's like a rented house/appartment/something...are nice. They're decent. They have a great white beach with a bunch of pools....and the best pan-pizza. XD

Boracay...I don't know how close it is to Manila HAHAHA I sucked at Geography... but it's like THE BEST BEACH EVER. :| It's like some Philippine pride...you think beach, it equates to Boracay. 'Tis a standard. Perfectly clear water and white sand.

Okay...wow sounded like a tour guide for a while. Anyway that's all I can think of.

posted by kuroi_hitsuji on December 29th, 2011, 6:30 am

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