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juri0juli, December 22nd, 2011, 10:22 pm ( Reply )

- It's such a shame she has to think of money even when her mother lies in a hospital. But I hope it can convey the sad importance of money in her life.

I missed the update for last week with a legitimate excuse! I got kicked out of my apartment for um..flushing toilet paper down the toilet. Not quite the tradition in China and the plumbing is much less...functional. So the landlord and I talked and decided it would be best for me to find a new place. So I upgraded to a much nicer and higher quality place with more space, a functional heating system and dayum: a sexy balcony. Always wanted my own balcony. But the downside is my landlord is quite the "jerkface" as I've named him and refused to follow what was in the contract until I pretty much had to to threaten to destroy the apartment. I don't like being mean but it seems to me there isn't much of a middle ground in China. You are either a master or as ervant, you choose which one you want to be. I'm not much for either but for the time being I've had to put on a pretty asshole like attitude to get things to happen. So finally I have my internet set up, things fixed and a desk to work on. : ) And amidst all of this I still did a page, just had no way of putting it up. So double update this week! Stay tuned for another post tomorrow!
@Dream Spirit: Thank you very much! Glad you like it! : D

@FireBorg: In one go? Awesome! Welcome and I hope to keep you intrigued. : )

@Kuroi Hitsuji: Older nudes are...different. We used the term "robo cop" a lot as most of the poses ended up being the same pose from a different angle. The younger models were the ones that improved my skills more and the really old ones forced me to work with the concept of age and gravity more. But middle aged models..meh.

@Manga-ka: Your story sounds very tragic, but I hope things are much brighter now! And I'm sure you have much more character than 90% of the poeple I've met in my life who's only life goals seemed to be which car they wanted thier folks to buy them so they could drive to the mall....-__-;..some people.

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Way to stand your ground XD ( Reply )

Move to the Philippines, everything is cheap and almost everyone is friendly lol. XD
I wont lie though, the politics suck and you have to pretty much lock all of your stuff away, even your clothes. (Well its kind of the same in China on that last bit)

YAY fancy appartment.

I didn't know about the same position thing, the wrinkles and detailing were the first difference to come to mind.

Regarding your page, I did think something else would've mattered.

When I saw "A...WEEK?!" I thought it would follow with something about worrying how sick she is or that she had to stay home alone like that...but no. I assumed insurance covered things like that... I guess as a bracket-A lifestyle liver, I'm very clueless about such things.

posted by kuroi_hitsuji on December 22nd, 2011, 11:40 pm

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well hehe.. it's like teenagers around me are like "Oh! I'm so depressed i'm cutting myself since I think I've had a hard child hood!" well having twins as little sisters/brothers sure takes your folks attention.. thou.. it's not that bad since I where about 6years old I've taken care of me little sisters, since our dad sort of... just ignored us when we where there and didn't feed us when we where hungry we went to the lake and over the... ugh... rode where cars drive? xwx' (my english dies on me sometimes) all by ourself then me sisters where like.. 4 and... 1years old.. and a lot of other horrible pedo things =A=' so boohoo ya parents had more kids than you =A='

anyway.. Nice page, A whole week, that can't be good X.x' in sweden... I think we got like a safety net that helps you if you get trouble with money and stuff ^^'

posted by Manga-Ka on December 23rd, 2011, 3:20 am

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YAY I kind of guessed hehe. . .

Though, I didn't know that having to be 1 week on the hospital (because of money) would be the 'tragic' notice.

If that's what @kuroi_hitsuji meant, then I say it myself, I also had no clue you had to pay... err to... keep your care.

What country would that be?!! õ.Ô

posted by FireBorg on December 23rd, 2011, 11:00 pm

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Poor mother. :(

posted by Shiuze on December 26th, 2011, 11:30 pm

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