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juri0juli, November 17th, 2011, 8:50 pm ( Reply )

- Hallo,
Here is yet another on time update! Isn't it kinda nice...just a little bit? I'm trying to get out a painting and at least 1 bullet page a week and so far its working.
I went on a trip to a larger modern city with a pretty sad purpose. While most people at my hostel were backpackers trying to see as many sights as they could, I kept coming back with bags of walmart and tesco stuff, haha. And sat in about 5 different starbucks in my 2 days there, reading english books.My excuse was "I came here for westernization, I'll come to tour later".
But Hangzhou was verry cool overall. They've got a sweet and uber chepa bike rental system, and if you're not an idiot like me and almost lose their bike, you can ride pretty smoothly all day. And yeah, the lake was gorgey. I'm gonig to post some artsiness I did (gag worthy but whatever) on my blog in a few hours so check it out: http://yuliyastone.blogspot.com/

But my cool story of the week for you goes like this. I decided to hike a mountain (because the endless amounts of mountains in my town arent enough? ) to go up to some temple which looked pretty interesting. Of course, chinese mountains are mazes so I got lost and ended up walking back downhill coming out to some small very rural part of town, with no foreigners and mostly old folk sitting around, playing mahjong. I decided t walk around the neighborhood anyways. And as I pass by, this really really old man, who is sitting on a chair in the middle of the street, with his little table no which he has watermelon, fish and their local hard liqueur drink, says to me "Hello!" I was taken aback because the older folk can barely speak standard chinese, let alone a word or two in english. SO being in a good mood I replied in chinese, and then he asked me "how are you?: also in english which was cute and I answered back in chinese again. Then he motioned for me to sit down on the chair next to him and starts talking to me in very simple chinese and we actually had a pretty solid conversation. He offered me his fish, his watermelon and we shared a giant ass glass of awful tasting alcohol at 9 am in the morning. As we were chatting a whole crowd of old men pulled up their chairs and we just has this...old man party? It was cool, and every person that walked by would look at us like "what the hell?" and he would tell them "this is my new friend form Canada". It was a fun experience for sure.

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I really like your style it's different ^^

posted by Manga-Ka on November 18th, 2011, 12:53 am

I see cleavage. ( Reply )

I can't ride a bike....

but anyway, spontaneous fun sounds wonderful...old man party XDD I love moments like that. Where something fun and unexpected can happen, and when it's over, it's done, and it doesn't matter cuz you had a good time :)

posted by kuroi_hitsuji on November 18th, 2011, 9:14 am

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