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juri0juli, October 24th, 2011, 1:28 am ( Reply )

- Hello,
So in big news: I got robbed! And it was freaking exciting. I spent a good half my day venturing into another city to this huge electronics market (think walmart with 5 floors of only teachie stuff) because no one in China seems to use a scanner...and I can't survive without one it turns out. Along with a new shuffle knock off mp3 player, a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and fancy set of headphones, the whole shopping trip came out to just over 120 bucks. I love China. But anywho, as I was coming home with my hugass bags, I saw a vendor who sells a tasty snack I hadn't seen in a while so I stopped and spent my last few rmb on some chestnuts. Being tired and having to rush home to drop the stuff off and go to work, I didn't fully close my bag. And as a result, some dude reached his hand into my bag, stealing my wallet, causing me to freak out like never before, chasing him down alleyways screaming in what little Chinese I speak. I soon realized a)running with weight is quite different from running b)my wallet was literally empty as I don't keep any bank cards or big cash in it. I maybe lost 10 cents. boo. But hey, it was exciting and I really wish I wasn't loaded down so I could catch the guy. So yeah, lesson learned, always close your purse.

And here is an update with my nice new scanner! Yes, I got extremely lazy with the hospital and decided to keep it simple and poorly architectured, shush.

@Manga-ka - haha, it's interesting how you don't like Matsuda as he is the angelic character of the book so far. But I'm in the same boat. Overly nice guys (or girls) have no real appeal and seem fishy to me as well. And the man is Nikita's dad, just got a bit older and um..larger?

@Kuroi-hitsuji - haha..my laziness in drawing flowers resulted in exactly what I intended, Sven's cheapo personality. And which of your comics are you talking about, I'd like to check it out!

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Oh I seem to have a lot but the one I take most seriously (which I refer to) I haven't been updating much. orz

It's 80% BL, meaning it's gay so I don't recommend you read it unless you're alright with that...and if you're okay being a little left hangin because, yeah, I haven't updated in ages because BLURG college life likes to screw you over.

It's kuroi hitsuji. HAHA my user name, yes. XD

It's my first comic here.

Anyway back to you, OMG ROBBING EXPERIENCE.

Each time my family has an electronic device stolen, it's in asia...LOL. I'm asian so I'm not racist but it's true.
Our camera and videocams..oh the memories gone.

Recently we went to singapore, and nothing was stolen...YAY! XD

Anyway, I really like that chair over there. The wheelchair. XD Looks awesome.
Also I see a picture rendered in halftone! >D XD

It's okay I do that too orz Trying to get used to not doing that too much tho. XD

Anyway, nice page :D

posted by kuroi_hitsuji on October 24th, 2011, 2:26 am

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whee update! i think the hospital still looks sleek :>

as long as you're safe then you're good! ;v; my wallet was snatched one time in the Philippines, at a local jeepney. i spaced out for awhile, and i didn't realize this creepy dude beside me took my wallet from the pocket of my cargo jeans until he left TTvTT i lost about $20 but oh well, lesson learnt.

posted by Chikage Godo on October 24th, 2011, 5:31 am

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hehe x'D
in sweden we say "I de lugnaste vatten simmar de fulaste fiskar" like.. in the calmest water swims the ugliest fishes x'D

ah, thought it could be the dad x'D ....what the hell is he doing there? =A='

posted by Manga-Ka on October 24th, 2011, 9:47 am

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